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New Blog: Talking about Walking

Trenton Health Team is proud to be part of New Jersey Health Initiatives, a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation dedicated to supporting innovations and driving conversations to build healthier New Jersey communities.

THT projects are supported through the Upstream Action Acceleration grant, as well as the Communities Moving to Action grant. Our latest NJHI blog, Talking about Walking, highlights community efforts to work with City officials to make local streets safer for everyone — motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

“Trenton Health Team (THT) has partnered with the Tri State Transportation Campaign to conduct a walk audit in the Trenton Historic Development Collaborative (THDC) neighborhood of the city’s West Ward,” writes THT Program Manager Matthew Broad.

“This walk audit is laying the foundation for meaningful systems change focused on enhancing neighborhoods in ways that improve health and well-being — a pillar of our healthy housing work already underway.

As we identify and document issues in the built environment, THT and our partners will seek to both remedy immediate problems and address the systems that created those issues.

We focused on 11 intersections along West State Street, Calhoun Street, Bellevue Avenue, and Hermitage Avenue, and assessed the condition of both sidewalks and streets.”

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