Data Systems

For many patients, healthcare involves a variety of providers and sites – doctors, nurses, hospitals, specialists, clinical laboratories, pharmacies and others. Many of these providers are switching from paper records to computerized ones.

Enabling providers to access these records encourages better coordinated healthcare, better informed clinical decisions, fewer repeated services and, ultimately, improved patient care.

In addition, data systems and evidence-based resources can help achieve the goal of health improvement on a population level.

Data reports can identify needs in the community and guide interventions. Information about demographics and health indicators can inform decision making and program development to address community-specific challenges and disparities.

The Trenton Health Information Exchange (Trenton HIE) is one of six HIEs in New Jersey providing healthcare professionals access to integrated patient records in real-time to support treatment decisions and strategies.

Trenton HIE also is integrated with NowPow, a multi-sided platform that connects and serves both sides of the referral process to better address client health and social needs.