The Trenton Health Team is a community health improvement collaborative serving Trenton, NJ. The collaborative is an innovative partnership among St. Francis Medical Center, Capital Health, Henry J. Austin Health Center, and the Department of Health and Human Services of the City of Trenton. The vision of the Trenton Health Team is to make Trenton the healthiest city in the state. Our mission is to transform healthcare for the city by forming a committed partnership with the community to expand access to high quality, coordinated, cost-­effective healthcare.

The Trenton Health Team was formed in response to the healthcare crisis in Trenton, with the intent to reform healthcare by establishing a holistic model. THT is working to make this holistic model a reality through five strategic initiatives:

  • Expansion of access to primary care
  • Community-wide clinical care coordination
  • Engagement of residents
  • Operation of the Trenton Health information exchange
  • Serving as a Medicaid Accountable Care Organization

THT in the Community

Using a data-driven approach, THT is working intensely with many community groups, assessing health care needs and helping residents learn how to care for – and advocate for – themselves. Data from these assessments helps to pinpoint gaps and barriers to service, and identifies ways to improve delivery of preventive and remedial services. The success of this approach in Trenton will have implications throughout the state and the nation as urban areas work to improve health care and rein in costs.

Trenton Health Team is being recognized as an innovative force in the field of urban healthcare reform.  Through our local efforts we are creating and testing new models of care and informing the conversation more broadly.

THT Nationally

THT is a participant in national efforts addressing population health and healthcare transformation, and is being recognized as a national model for a holistic approach to improving the wellness and healthcare of underserved populations.

Our work was featured on the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Innovations Exchange; we served as one of 10 field test sites for the National Quality Forum (NQF) Improving Population Health by Working with Communities: Action Guide 3.0; we participate in the Trinity Health Transforming Communities Initiative as one of eight communities addressing policy, system, and environmental changes to positively impact health; and we are one of six ReThink Health Ventures sites nationally, looking at cross-sector strategies to transform the health care system and build inclusive health value.  We were also invited to participate and serve on panels at the All In: Data for Community Health National Conference in Denver, CO, April 19-21, 2017, regarding our work using cross-sector data for health.