Family Connects

The birth of a baby is a time of vulnerability for a family – we can help with that.

Trenton Health Team facilitated the Mercer County pilot Family Connects program, which provided free in-home nurse visits to all families giving birth at Capital Health – Hopewell and living in Mercer County, regardless of income or their background.

A highly trained nurse regularly scheduled home visits for the family at least three weeks after birth.

The program was completely voluntary and free of charge. The goal for the pilot was to become part of a community’s care system for children and families, and serve a statewide model, which has since been adopted.

The Family Connects Model

For All

Helping all families regardless of income or background

Three Weeks

Visits are scheduled around 3 weeks after a baby's birth

No Cost to Recipients

As an eligible recipient, you will not be charged

Registered Nurse

All visits are made by highly trained nurses

What Services Are Included?

  • Check baby’s weight
  • Check mom’s health
  • Screen for postpartum depression
  • Safe sleep strategies
  • Offer breastfeeding support
  • Help with baby’s crying
  • Emotional support for parents
  • Connection to community resources

Client Testimonials