Trenton Neighborhood Initiative

The Trenton Neighborhood Initiative (TNI) is committed to addressing the social determinants that impact the health of Trenton residents, delivering solutions that complement the health care services Capital Health provides. Specifically, TNI focuses on programs supporting home ownership and rehabilitation, job training and employment, digital equity, and healthy beginnings to support the needs of new parents and families, as well as citywide strategies to improve the housing system and reduce lead poisoning.

Capital Health and Trenton Health Team are collaborating to develop programs supported by the Trenton Neighborhood Initiative. As the implementation partner, Trenton Health Team utilizes our experience as a trusted resource and leader of the BUILD Health Challenge to deliver effective programming that meets community needs. The initiative focuses on four key areas:



Supporting homeownership, neighborhood redevelopment, and smart housing policies.


Job training, scholarships, and small business support.


Services and partnerships to support child and family well-being.


Subsidized internet access, computers, and training.


TNI Trenton

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