Our Partners

Consistent with the THT mission, we are working closely with representatives of a variety of municipal, county and state agencies, social service groups, the faith community and higher education – ­ a total of more than 50 different community organizations, which serve as members of our Board of Directors, its subcommittees, or the Community Advisory Board.

Community Advisory Board (CAB)


Collaborating for a deeper understanding of community health needs since 2006, the Trenton Health Team has developed approaches that look at the whole person—not at just a foot, or a heart, or a kidney problem but everything about that person’s life, including homelessness, mental illness, fear of crime, and lack of access to fresh, healthy food. We extended our collaborative approach to other major health and social service groups in the city. Now, virtually all players in Trenton’s psycho-social service network have signed on through the THT Community Advisory Board. All of us enthusiastically share information that yields a comprehensive look at the city’s people as a whole. Our ongoing community needs assessment is already the most robust ever, and we are continuing to add to it on a regular basis. That’s because the collaboration among organizations is yielding data to which we never had access as separate groups. And it’s because we’ve taken one additional, critical step: we’ve gone directly to the people we serve in order to verify the accuracy of the data and to learn more.

For more information about our CAB, read our most recent Community Advisory Board (CAB) Charter


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