Junta Asesora de la Comunidad

Trenton Health Team understands factors affecting health and well-being include the environment, economy, education, behavioral health, access to care, safety, and government policies.

THT includes residents, patients, and community leaders in needs assessments, resource allocation and program design decisions, and program evaluation. We hold community forums and provide services in neighborhood settings throughout the city to support a systems approach to health improvement.

Junta Asesora de la Comunidad

THT’s Community Advisory Board represents more than  99 organizations and 220 individuals. We regularly convene to share information, brainstorm solutions, and co-design interventions enhancing health and well-being. (See a list of Los miembros del CAB abajo) To learn more, please contact THT’s Chief Strategy Officer, Julia Taylor.

CAB workgroups focus on specific topics, such as access to healthy food and maternal health, while affinity groups encourage partnerships among colleagues such as community health workers or communications directors. Current workgroups and affinity groups include:

  • Grupo colaborativo Capital City Diabetes Collaborative
  • El Comité Directivo de Calles Completas
  • El plomo y las viviendas saludables
  • Interesados en la salud materna
  • Interesados en la alimentación de Trenton
  • Grupo de trabajo del alcalde sobre la resistencia de Trenton (ACEs)
  • Comunicaciones de la Ciudad Capital
  • Trabajadores sanitarios de la comunidad

Feedback from CAB members and the people they serve shapes our work and provides qualitative data to evaluate progress.

Para más información sobre nuestro CAB, lea nuestro más reciente Carta de la Junta Consultiva de la Comunidad (CAB).

Miembros de la Junta Consultiva de la Comunidad

La lista de socios de THT crece constantemente, así que Contáctanos. en relación con cualquier error u omisión.