HARP Research Project

From 2019-22, THT received a $346,500 grant for the Highlighting and Assessing Referral Program Participation (HARP) research project. The project sought ways to better integrate social services, public health and healthcare to improve patient outcomes and well-being.

Utilizing the NowPow system, the study worked to identify barriers preventing community organizations from participating in these referral systems, and designing solutions to encourage and expand their participation so more residents can receive needed services.The study will address three questions:

  • What are the facilitators and barriers to community organizations actively participating in Trenton’s coordinated care network?

  • How do these facilitators and barriers differ across organizations?

  • What engagement strategies would encourage them to participate?

THT  partnered with the Social Interventions Research and Evaluation Network (SIREN) on the two-year study, supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The HARP project was one of “just seven projects funded from more than 150 applicants nationwide.

For a full report on the findings, click here or visit the Reports section.