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Faith in Prevention

Faith In Prevention is a community partnership between Trenton Health Team and our local Houses of Worship. Funded by the state Department of Health, FIP builds on the crucial role houses of worship already play in the community as safe, trusted places to gather and share information.

Our mission is clear: to promote physical health and wellness among our members. Trenton Health Team is actively engaging with Faith-Based Organizations, listening intently to the health issues that resonate within their communities. Together, we’re committed to providing tailored assistance and addressing concerns in the most effective way possible. As a Regional Health Hub, we can link Faith-Based Organizations to diverse resources and facilities for addressing various Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) topics like Nutrition Education, Chronic Diseases, Healthcare Assistance, Cancer screenings, and more. 

At THT, we value the power of community, especially within Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs). That’s why we encourage Houses of Worship to participate in the Health Information Exchange (HIE). The HIE serves as a database, enabling appointed health liaisons to receive immediate notifications when a member is admitted to a hospital. This facilitates timely care and allows the liaison to provide crucial follow-up support and even arrange personal visits for the patient. By joining the HIE, FBOs can demonstrate their commitment to the well-being of their members and foster a more supportive community network. 

Besides our resource support, FIP is thrilled to offer a $1,500 mini-grant to select houses of worship. This grant allows them to devise unique approaches to address SDOH topics and promote healthy lifestyles. Whether it’s purchasing exercise equipment or eliminating sugary drinks from vending machines, these initiatives should fall under Policy, System, or Environmental changes. Join us in fostering healthier communities through creative solutions.

For more information on how to join FIP please contact Bilquis Busari at or (609) 337-2219