Healthy Food

Although surrounded by farms, Trenton is considered a “food desert.”

The city (pop. 85,000) includes three grocery stores — and most Trenton residents do not live within half a mile of them. Residents must either find transportation–often requiring taking multiple bus routes–or shop at local corner stores lacking fresh produce and other nutritious options.

Indeed, a survey by the Centers on Disease Control and Prevention found only 2.4% of Trenton outlets offer healthy food.

Increasing access to a healthy diet that emphasizes fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins without added salt and sugars, is key to improving health outcomes.

More than 20 organizations and agencies promoting food access, urban agriculture, and nutrition education in Trenton have been convening regularly since March 2019 to address this concern.

The Trenton Food Stakeholders group focuses on coordinating services for residents to provide them with access to nutritious food combined with nutrition education, advocating for food and nutrition policy, and designing new ways to improve food and nutrition in Trenton.