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What We Do

Trenton Health Team is taking a multi-pronged approach to improving health and well-being in our community.

THT’s five strategies include: expanding access to primary care; improving care coordination and care management; operating a Health Information Exchange (HIE) to provide real-time access to shared patient data; engaging the community to increase knowledge and overcome obstacles to care; and functioning as one of New Jersey’s first Regional Health Hubs (RHH).

Our initiatives are designed to reduce healthcare costs, improve health outcomes and enhance quality of life for our community.

Through all of our efforts and initiatives – care coordination, community partnerships, data management – we are connecting people to the care they need. We are making it easier to obtain appointments through Advanced Access Scheduling as we also reach into the community to provide health screenings, assessments, and referrals to services for individuals who are underserved or experience barriers to care such as language and culture.