Trenton Health Information Exchange (HIE)

The Trenton Health Information Exchange (Trenton HIE) is a database that allows doctors and other providers to share medical information about patients across departments, among facilities and throughout Greater Trenton. This means better coordinated healthcare, better informed clinical decisions, fewer repeated services and, ultimately, improved patient care. See FAQ

NEW! The Trenton HIE contains health information from local health providers which includes COVID-19 results completed by participating organizations. If you need access to this system please call 609-256-4555.

Today, more than 1,250 clinical users across central New Jersey use the Trenton HIE to access millions of health records for nearly 700,000 patients. See Trenton HIE Participating Institutions and types of Trenton HIE patient health information 

HIE reporting capabilities are continuously enhanced to perform analytics at both the macro (population) and the micro (patient, disease category, etc.) levels. See a list of Trenton HIE reports.

Trenton HIE also is integrated with NowPow, a social referral platform that helps organizations coordinate to address clients’ health and social needs. 

The Trenton HIE, created in 2014 and operated in collaboration with CareEvolution, is one of six HIEs in New Jersey, and our connection with the Camden HIE represents the first full integration of two of NJ’s Health Information Exchange systems. In addition, the Trenton HIE participates in the New Jersey Health Information Network (NJHIN) to access health information state-wide from more than 70 hospitals. This project is in progress and will continue to enhance the exchange of health data across the state of New Jersey.

Patients have the right to opt out of the Trenton HIE and can do so by submitting the Trenton HIE Opt Out Form. Patients who previously opted out and would now like to participate can do so by submitting the Cancellation of Prior Opt Out Form.

To learn more, email