Transforming Communities Initiative

Transforming Communities Initiative (TCI) is a five-year population health project funded by Trinity Health to address policy, system, and environmental change and promote healthy behaviors. TCI was developed as a key strategy of Trinity Health’s People-Centered 2020 Community Health and Well-Being strategy, focusing on six health issues related to poor diet, physical inactivity, tobacco use, chronic disease and other social determinants of health. Trenton, through Trenton Health Team (THT), is one of six communities selected nationally to improve local public health and well-being, along with Springfield, Massachusetts; Maywood, Illinois; Montgomery County, Maryland; Boise, Idaho and Syracuse, New York. The six required interventions are:

Drawing from our technical expertise and programmatic capacity, THT has incorporated two additional areas to focus on, Health Literacy Programming and Navigation Support, strengthening the required interventions and the interaction between the local community and the healthcare system. THT will leverage its strong record of improving the health of Trentonians during the last decade and strategic partnerships with other community-based organizations, local stakeholders, and clinical institutions to collaboratively reduce prevalent risk factors for chronic disease and high health care costs and improve overall health outcomes.

In addition to collaboration with local community partners, Georgia Health Policy Center, ChangeLab Solutions and The Public Good Project will provide programmatic technical assistance. The Reinvestment Fund and IFF, two Community Development Financial Institutions, will serve as capital partners, and will provide the loan capital and related technical assistance to establish implementation of capital projects that respond to gaps in the built environment.

To promote and ensure sustainability, THT will work with local partners and policymakers and will continue to leverage local match dollars. An integrated and holistic approach, involving key players and the most vulnerable members of the community, is integral to fostering the systematic change that is necessary to transform health.

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