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BLOG: NowPow Data Helps Meet Client Needs

NowPow users know the free online tool helps them serve clients better by providing an updated community resource directory, enabling them to immediately refer clients for assistance and  follow-up on results.

But NowPow also offers robust data analytics, metrics and reports that show what services are needed most and provide other strategic insights. Watch NowPow data video demonstration  

One helpful report focuses on referral activity. Accessible to NowPow administrators via the NowPow Analytics tab, the Referral Activity by Service Provider Report lists the top 10 services recommended for clients, so users can see what needs are emerging. Knowing what services are in demand can guide agencies when deciding if new interventions or perhaps new partnerships are needed to best meet the community’s needs.

NowPow users also can download this, and other, reports as a CSV file for easy use in spreadsheets, such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. From there, users can create charts that quickly show a more complete picture of the social, economic and health challenges clients face.

Creating monthly or quarterly data reports will enable NowPow users to see how needs are changing and be more strategic about what services to provide. Charts and graphs are suitable for grant updates or annual reports, providing funders with a clear picture of community needs.

For example, the data reports helped one agency realize most of their client referrals related to food access — food pantry, soup kitchen, SNAP application assistance. So they could consider how best to address that – by expanding their services or finding new ways to collaborate with agencies addressing hunger.

And that’s just one of the ways NowPow can help put data to work meeting client needs. This free, online tool offers many more metrics and reports that we would love to share with you.

Learn more about NowPow and how it can help you work quickly, efficiently, and strategically. Contact THT Population Health Program Manager Jessica Burnett.