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NEW Blog: Better Housing, Better Health

New Jersey Health Initiatives is a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. NJHI is dedicated to supporting innovations and driving conversations to build healthier New Jersey communities.

Trenton Health Team is proud of NJHI support through the Upstream Action Acceleration grant, as well as the Communities Moving to Action grant. Our latest NJHI blog focused on our work addressing the link between housing conditions and health in our community. Read full THT blog

“Trenton’s rich history is reflected in its housing stock, but the potential for value is undermined by health risks such as lead paint, asthma triggers, and other consequences of neglect and age.

Poor housing conditions can lead to negative health effects, and often, carry a high social and economic cost for communities, families, and, especially, children.

Developing and implementing a process to accelerate action on this urgent upstream health issue is the goal of Trenton Health Team’s (THT) innovative data analysis partnership with Isles, Inc., an established community development and environmental organization providing “healthy home” assessment and remediation.

The Trenton Health Team operates the Trenton Health Information Exchange (HIE) containing clinical records for more than 600,000 patients. Working with Isles, we are comparing clusters of health problems such as asthma and high lead levels highlighted via the HIE with Isles’ maps identifying housing conditions across the city.

This innovative data analysis will pinpoint geographic locations in our city where substandard housing stock and high rates of asthma and/or lead contamination converge, enabling targeted interventions to improve health and well-being for Trenton families…”




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