Trenton HIE

The Trenton Health Information Exchange (Trenton HIE) is one example of Trenton Health Team’s innovative data services providing healthcare professionals access to integrated patient records in real-time to support treatment decisions and strategies.

Since 2014, the Trenton HIE has played a vital role in improving our community’s health by enabling users to create integrated reports and protocols to identify issues, trends, and specific health needs requiring interventions. See FAQ

Created and operated in collaboration with CareEvolution, an industry-leading Michigan-based health information technology company, the Trenton HIE is growing rapidly as providers and data partners recognize its benefits. See Trenton HIE Participating Institutions

More than 1,100 clinical users across central New Jersey can access millions of health records for more than 600,000 patients. See types of Trenton HIE patient health information 

HIE reporting capabilities are continuously enhanced to perform analytics at both macro (population) and micro (patient, disease category, age group, other subset) levels. See list of Trenton HIE reports

Trenton HIE also is integrated with NowPow, a multi-sided platform that connects and serves both sides of the referral process to better address client health and social needs. 

The Trenton HIE is one of six HIEs in New Jersey, and our connection with the Camden HIE represents the first full integration of two of NJ’s Health Information Exchange systems. Please send inquiries about the Trenton HIE to

Trenton HIE features include:

  • Ability to connect to all Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems
  • Alerts (i.e. admissions, re-admissions, ED visits, etc.)
  • Analytics Platform
  • Customized Reports (i.e. High ED Utilizers, Admissions, etc.)
  • Individual Patient Search 
  • Integration with NowPow (social services platform/directory)
  • Single Sign-On Capability
  • Strict Patient Privacy/Security Controls
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