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Program finds Summer Jobs for Trenton Youth

The City of Trenton has partnered with the MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce and Millhill Child & Family Development Center to place Trenton youth aged 16-24 in jobs for the summer.  Now in it’s second program year, Mayor Jackson hopes to find job placement for 200 of his city’s young people.

In an editorial published in the Trenton Times, this plan is applauded for its investment in both Trenton’s future and its own economic development.  “With no apparent downside,” the article states, “the youths find a productive outlet for their energies and talents, and the community makes a tangible investment in its own future economic growth.”

“For all the investments that can be made in our city … this is one of the greatest investments that anyone can make,” Jackson said at the programs April 4 launch.  The youth are given a two-day job training on the work world, including resumes, proper attire, and how to deal with conflict on the job.

The program is currently accepting applications and youths are strongly encouraged to apply soon.  For interest in a city job, one should contact recreation director Fiah Gussin at 609-989-3635. Those interested in a job with a nonprofit or business should contact Millhill’s Jigna Rao at 609-989-7333, ext. 131.