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Trenton Health Team Names New Executive Director

(08/21/22/2013) TRENTON, NJ - USA - The Trenton Health Team. Matt Rainey for B Taylor PA(TRENTON, NJ) – Trenton Health Team’s Board of Directors voted unanimously this week to name Gregory Paulson as its new executive director. Mr. Paulson has served as deputy director of THT for the past two years and has had day-to-day leadership responsibility for THT following the resignation earlier this year of its founding executive director.

“Greg has done a great job of keeping the Trenton Health Team on track during this time of transition,” said James Brownlee, director of the Department of Health and Human Services and Health Officer for the City of Trenton, who also serves as THT’s president. “He has a real understanding of what it means to function as a team, both within the organization and across community partners and agencies. He has the technical and management skills we need as well as a clear vision for what it will take to move THT to the next stage in achieving its mission to improve health outcomes for the Trenton community.”

Mr. Paulson received a B.A. in psychology from Princeton University and M.S. from Drexel University in emergency services management. He has served in multiple healthcare administrative roles prior to joining THT in March of 2013, including manager of the EMS Department at Somerset Medical Center. Mr. Paulson has more than twenty years of clinical experience as an EMS provider. He first began serving Trenton in 2001 as a Paramedic, which gave him a deep understanding of the needs and challenges facing the community served by THT.

“It is a real honor for me to take on this responsibility on behalf of the Trenton Health Team and our many partners throughout the region,” said Paulson. “Improving the availability and quality of care for all, especially the vulnerable and underserved, is a personal and professional priority for me, and one that represents a lifelong commitment. I am immensely proud of the team that we have in place and look forward to building on the achievements and partnerships that have been established.”

Paulson brings additional experience in organizational development and process improvement to his role at THT and is an active member of the American College of Healthcare Executives. He was responsible for the successful launch in 2014 of the Trenton Health Information Exchange (HIE), a data platform that allows real-time shared access to patient information across a range of medical providers. The HIE is a vital resource in coordinating care and increasing efficiency and effectiveness in healthcare delivery. Current data partners include the city’s hospitals Capital Health and St. Francis Medical Center, Henry J. Austin Health Center, the City of Trenton Department of Health and Human Services, three laboratory service providers, and several other clinical partners throughout the community.

“Trenton Health Team’s commitment to improving the health of the Trenton community is stronger than ever,” said Paulson. “With the dedicated support of our diverse partners throughout the region, and our generous funders including The Nicholson Foundation, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the New Jersey Department of Health, Novo Nordisk, Inc. and Janssen Pharmaceuticals, we will continue to strengthen and build a culture of health throughout the city to achieve our vision of making Trenton the healthiest city in the State.”


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About the Trenton Health Team
Trenton Health Team (THT) is an alliance of the city’s major providers of healthcare services including Capital Health, St. Francis Medical Center, Henry J. Austin Health Center and the city’s Health Department. In collaboration with residents and the city’s active social services network, THT is developing an integrated healthcare delivery system to transform the city’s fragmented primary care system and restore health to the city. THT aims to make Trenton the healthiest city in the state. The THT receives generous support from The Nicholson Foundation, corporate partners and other foundations. For more information, visit