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News & Announcements Opinion: NJ ACOs provide innovative support to health care system

Currently, New Jersey is one of only 10 states to have active Medicaid Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) (Center for Health Care Strategies, 2016). Headlined by organizations in Camden, Trenton, and Newark, this innovative approach to supporting the health care system in New Jersey is leading the nation up the path to mending a disjointed health care system, as discussed in a collaborative opinion article on titled NJ leads the nation for innovative health care support system.

Jeff Brenner, executive director of the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers, Gregory Paulson, executive director of Trenton Health Team, and Stephen Schneider, executive director of Healthy Greater Newark Accountable Care Organization, discuss how the ACOs in their cites are addressing the fragmented health care system, and are proving to be a benefit for both health care system and consumer alike, by increasing the quality of health care services, improving health outcomes, and enhancing savings on health care delivery costs.

Read the full article here.  To learn more about the Trenton Health Team ACO, click here.