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Christie Announces $13M plan to increase public safety in Trenton

In the article Lights! Cameras! Demolition! Christie debuts new plan to save Trenton, Gov. Chris Christie’s May 30 announcement of a $13M initiative aimed at crime reduction in the capital city.  The plan will allow Trenton to demolish up to 500 abandoned buildings, add 150 surveillance cameras, and provide inspections for the city’s 5,000 street lights to improve the lighting system.

This funding is a significant increase to the $2 million that Trenton can afford to allocate to building demolition each year, and will make it possible to demolish blocks of abandoned buildings instead of individual buildings scattered throughout the city.

The addition of 150 new surveillance cameras will more than double the existing 80 cameras Trenton has set up in the area of the city deemed critical to public safety.  There will also be increased police patrols of the Trenton Transportation Center and its surrounding blocks, and increased aid and priorities to existing police resources.

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