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“Managed Care” Article: a Look at two Innovative MACOs

In an article titled Medicaid ACOs: Innovation Follows the Brave, Trenton Health Team’s Medicaid ACO Demonstration Project is highlighted alongside the Minnesota-based Federally Qualified Health Center Urban Health Network (FUHN), a 3 year-old MACO that is comprised of 10 FQHCs across the state.  The piece discusses the innovation of Medicaid ACOs, and how understanding the impact of social needs on the health of patients sets them apart from other accountable care organization models.  At just under 18 months old, Trenton’s MACO is compared to its older sister in Minnesota, and their similar innovative approaches to addressing patient needs “beyond the doorway to the doctor’s office” are explained.

As of September 2016, New Jersey and Minnesota are two of only 10 states that have active Medicaid ACO programs, according to Center for Health Care Strategies.


Photo Source: Center for Health Care Strategies, September 2016

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