Using a data-driven approach, THT is working intensely with many community groups, assessing health care needs and helping residents learn how to care for – and advocate for – themselves. Data from these assessments helps to pinpoint gaps and barriers to service, and identifies ways to improve delivery of preventive and remedial services. The success of this approach in Trenton will have implications throughout the state and the nation as urban areas work to improve health care and rein in costs.

NEW! Adverse Childhood Experiences ACEs

Find links to resources explaining adverse childhood experiences and long-term effects, find your ACEs score, and learn about an acclaimed documentary providing an evidence-based solution to healing and preventing trauma. Download presentations by national expert Dr. David Johnson, Co-Director of the Post Traumatic Stress Center in New Haven, which evaluates and treats children and adults suffering from the consequences of trauma-related conditions.

The Trenton Health Information Exchange

A signature accomplishment has been THT’s development of the Trenton Health Information Exchange (HIE), launched in 2014 as a shared data platform for our founding partners, Capital Health, St. Francis Medical Center, Henry J. Austin Health Center, and the City of Trenton Department of Health. It provides health practitioners access to integrated and holistic patient records in real-time to support treatment decisions and strategies. The HIE also plays a vital role in advancing efforts to improve our community’s health, allowing the creation of integrated reports and protocols that are designed to identify issues, trends, and particular health needs or disease conditions where interventions are warranted. The HIE has grown quickly as providers and data partners learn the value of this real-time informational resource. The reporting functions of the HIE are being continuously enhanced to include analytics at both the macro (population) and micro (individual, disease category, age group, or other subset) levels. Learn more.

Community Health Needs Assessment and Health Improvement Plan

A grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation New Jersey Health Initiatives supported a comprehensive needs assessment for the six zip codes of Trenton, conducted by THT in collaboration with St. Francis Medical Center. This in-depth assessment considered both quantitative and qualitative measures, engaging Trenton residents as collaborators in an unprecedented way, using a combination of health data and resident feedback to establish health priorities for the city. The resulting Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA), published in 2013, described those priorities, which were used to develop a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP), adopted in 2014. The CHNA and CHIP priorities have charted our course since then for designing programs and responding to funding opportunities.

An update to the CHNA findings was completed in January, 2016, drawing on survey results gathered by the Greater Mercer Public Health Partnership, with a comparative analysis for the Trenton zip codes. THT also conducted a series of community forums to again obtain the voices of community residents, which are reflected in the 2019 Community Health Needs and Assets Assessment available for download here.

HCI Health Indicators Dashboard

THT has engaged Healthy Communities Institute (HCI) to provide access to its database of health and demographic information, which can be used to do comparisons and monitor trends along a number of important public health indicators. Data may be viewed by county, city, or within specific zip codes. Learn more.


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