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Trinity Funding Tour Unveils Completion of Three Community Initiatives For Trenton’s Youth

Trenton Health Team (THT) unveiled the completion of three projects during the Trinity Health Funding Tour on June 4 and 5, 2018. The projects were aimed at improving the health and well-being of Trenton’s youth and community as part of Trinity Health’s Transforming Communities Initiative (TCI). The tour celebrated the installment of LED lighting through the US Soccer Foundation’s Safe Places to Play grant at Donnelly Homes’ recreation field, improved playground equipment and surfacing at Trinity Cathedral and Leon Rainbow’s anti-smoking mural at the West Ward Community Center.

Lighting Installment at Donnelly Homes Soccer Field

The lighting installment’s reveal kicked off with a ribbon cutting ceremony led by Trenton Mayor Eric Jackson at the Donnelly Homes soccer field. Members from Trenton Health Team, Trinity Health and their technical assistance providers ChangeLab Solutions and Community Catalyst, Trenton Housing Authority, Trenton Health and Human Services and Trenton Department of Recreation gathered to celebrate the project’s completion and the positive impact it will have on Trenton’s youth.  The initiative was made possible through Trenton Health Team’s partnership with PLAY SOCCER Nonprofit International (PSNI) and U.S. Soccer Foundation, who teamed up to provide increased opportunities for Trenton’s children to enjoy the sport of soccer and have a safe environment to play at night/after the sun sets. Coaches from the City of Trenton’s Youth Soccer League were also in attendance.

At the event, Mayor Jackson stated, “We had new lights installed here, and this is so good for this community because it will allow our children and even some of our seniors to be engaged in physical activity… This really brings life to our community, something that’s well overdue. It allows us not only to have these activities by day, now we’re able to have them into the twilight hours as well.”

Trinity Cathedral Academy Playground Build

The completion of improved and age-appropriate equipment and surfacing at Trinity Cathedral Academy’s playground was celebrated by members from Trenton Health Team, Trinity Health and their technical assistance providers and the Head of Trinity Cathedral Academy, Reverend Lynn Johnson. With the goal of promoting health and wellness through physical activity among Trenton’s youth, the new playground provides children with increased opportunities to remain active in a safe, fun way.

Rev. Johnson expressed her enthusiasm about the installment saying, “Our children will now be able to take advantage of this enhanced equipment because it offers a greater variety of opportunities for gross motor and climbing and play.”

Anti-Smoking Mural Unveiled

The final event included the unveiling of a mural painted by local artist Leon Rainbow at the West Ward Community Center as part of the “Smoking Makes You Weak;

Trenton Makes You Strong” media campaign, which promotes tobacco prevention among Trenton youth.

Rainbow is a Trenton-based artist who combines graffiti, street art and other artistic forms to create innovative projects and events. As someone who has been smoke-free for almost 20 years after picking up his first cigarette at 13 years old, Rainbow’s personal experiences with tobacco led him to partner with the Trenton Health Team and contribute to the Transforming Communities Initiative in a creative, compelling way.

“I’ve had people close to me die of smoking-related cancer,” stated Rainbow. “I hope the youth look at this mural and think before they pick up that first cigarette. If just one kid doesn’t start smoking, then I did my job.” View “Trenton Makes You Strong” antismoking campaign YouTube videos here.

“We are grateful for Trinity Health’s support of the Trenton community,” said Elena Cromeyer, Project Director of TCI for THT. “By providing funding for an art project like this, we are able to harness the creativity and talent of a local artist to promote healthy behavior—physical activity and being smoke-free, in a community center serving youth.”

Trenton Health Team’s partnership and support from Trinity Health through the Transforming Communities Initiative has created a vast set of new and exciting opportunities that will both enhance population health and provide outlets for Trenton’s youth to be active, healthy and safe.

Gregory Paulson, Executive Director Trenton Health Team, expressed appreciation for Trinity Health’s support for the Trenton community by outlining the impact and benefits the installments will have on Trenton’s children. “We are able to create safe places to play and opportunities to increase physical activity, which will help to improve health among our city’s children and youth.”