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TPS, THT Partner to Improve Student Health, Attendance and Success

Trenton, NJ — Trenton Health Team will join Trenton Public Schools this week for Parent Connection Workshop webinars highlighting a multi-year initiative focused on improving student achievement by addressing chronic absenteeism and health issues.

While in-person engagement remains limited due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, TPS is hosting weekly online webinars in both English and Spanish to help families stay informed while engaging with school leaders and support staff. This week, TPS will feature Trenton Health Team Community Health and Wellness Manager Matthew Broad discussing the All Kids Thrive initiative.

“We know absenteeism affects outcomes for students,” Broad said. “THT wants to connect students with the care and services they need to participate regularly.”

Trenton Health Team and Trenton Public School in 2018 both received a five-year $300,000 grant through the Princeton Area Community Foundation All Kids Thrive initiative dedicated to transforming the lives of young people. Partnering with Trenton Public Schools, THT is matching electronic medical records in the Trenton Health Information Exchange (HIE) with school records to identify links between school absences and health conditions. Our goal is reducing chronic absenteeism interfering with student learning and development.

THT is focusing initially on health-related absenteeism cases at one elementary, one middle school and one high school, with plans to expand to additional Trenton public schools. Learn more here

The Parent Connection is shared live every Wednesday evening through December, with a recorded version posted on the TPS Parent Connect webpage. “Connecting parents to school and community resources through Parent Connect helps Trenton Public Schools best serve our families,” said Denise Kreiss, Parent Coordinator/Homeless Liaison and AKT Project Director.

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Previous sessions include:

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Session 3 Managing Students Emotions During COVID-19 and beyond: Identifying and learning how to connect students who need social/emotional support to a Mental Health Professional

Session 4 Establishing Nurturing Relationships: Integrating family routines to support the home learning experience