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THT Recognized in Legislation as One of First Regional Health Hubs in NJ

Trenton Health Team will build on its community partnerships to enhance care and address health challenges as one of the first Regional Health Hubs created statewide in legislation signed into law today by Gov. Phil Murphy. See InsiderNJ story

Regional Health Hubs replace state Medicaid Accountable Care Organizations to better serve residents receiving healthcare coverage through Medicaid — those who often lack access to the resources needed to be, and stay, healthy. Regional partnerships make a real difference in the lives of low-income residents and help eliminate healthcare fragmentation that affects care.

“This legislation demonstrates the value of Trenton Health Team’s work in our community and positions New Jersey as a national leader for innovative healthcare solutions,” said Gregory Paulson, THT executive director. “We appreciate the recognition and look forward to finding more creative and collaborative ways to improve health systems serving Trenton residents, and, ultimately, their health and well-being.”

New Jersey’s regional partnerships — THT, Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers, Healthy Greater Newark, and Health Coalition of Passaic County — work with both clinical and social service providers to improve patient care and outcomes. The new law, which takes effect immediately, would allow expansion of the RHH model in other communities statewide.

This legislation, sponsored by Majority Leader Greenwald and Senator Vitale, allows healthcare partnerships to explore innovative structures and practices to integrate, coordinate and align disconnected programs in order to make communities healthier.

Health Hubs will build upon and support state health priorities by coordinating with the Office of Medicaid Innovation, providing healthcare data infrastructure and analysis, supporting care management and convening community stakeholders.

“The RHH structure improves how we work together to more effectively and efficiently respond to resident needs,” Paulson said. Read THT OpEd in NJ Spotlight on value of RHH

One of the most innovative and important roles for an RHH is securely collecting healthcare data through regional Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) to analyze population health trends and help care providers better understand and meet patient needs.

These sophisticated data systems also help care providers address social determinants of health — causes of health problems that are not medical. Now, doctors can make referrals directly to food pantries, legal services, faith communities and other social services in hope of mitigating conditions contributing to health concerns.

“New Jersey is rapidly becoming a national model for how communities can come together to tackle our shared health challenges. Trenton Health Team will continue working with partners to address inequities in maternal health outcomes, cancer screening and treatment, access to healthy food, chronic absenteeism, and even home improvements,” Paulson said. “Thanks to Gov. Murphy and the Legislature, we can now build upon this success.”