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Don’t lose sight of progress: Trenton’s on the rise

Sometimes, it’s hard to see progress when it’s happening.  This can discourage those working towards a transformative change.

Seeing progress becomes even more challenging if there is criticism that change is not happening.

This is the reality for many community organizations working to reinvigorate Trenton – no matter what work is done, it can be hard to feel like an impact has been made when harsh observations of the status of our capital city make headlines.

Tom Sullivan (Princeton Partners) challenges negative perceptions of Trenton in his article titled Trenton Update: a City Truly on the Rise.  In it, he provides several areas where Trenton is making progress, giving reasons to believe in the city’s bright future.

The article highlights Trenton Health Team as a driving factor in the health arena. Sullivan says, “this coalition is a national model for a holistic approach to improving the wellness and healthcare of underserved populations who typically have limited access to primary care, quality fresh foods, safe neighborhoods and the recreational spaces and opportunities to be physically active.

Trenton Health Team is honored to be considered a catalyst for Trenton’s reinvigoration.  Just as Mr. Sullivan does, we believe in the city and think it is truly on the rise.  Along with our many partners, we will continue to make progress to transform health and healthcare in the capital city.