William King, 

Community Health Worker

William (“Bill) King joined the Trenton Health Team in January 2020 as Community Health Worker.

Prior to joining the Trenton Health Team, Bill worked extensively throughout State of New Jersey serving individuals and families with diverse special needs.

His work with individuals and families involved provision of direct care and support and progressed to program development, management and administration as his skills and experience grew. He has worked as a “live-in” house parent responsible for the care and supervision of emotionally disturbed youth as a counselor in a transitional supportive housing and partial hospitalization programs for individuals living with serious and persistent mental illness.

Bill progressed from provision of direct service and support to program management and development. While working at Catholic Charities he developed and established funding support for the State’s first partial care and supportive housing programs serving the specific needs of individuals and families infected/affected with HIV/AIDS. This work provided the impetus for Bill to adopt a “community or village” perspective that places emphasis on establishing a supportive network of care for individuals and families living with the challenges of illness and special needs.

Bill holds a Bachelors of Arts from Thomas Edison University with concentration in psychology and healthcare management, as well as graduate work in sociology and healthcare management from Fordham and the Pennsylvania State universities.

Bill’s expertise with program development and commitment to building supportive community themed health care provision will help further the great work that the Trenton Health Team is doing to improve the lives of area residents.

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