Pat Ni’ma-Mohammed, MSW, LSW, 

Licensed Social Worker

Pat Ni’ma is a licensed social worker and member of THT’s Care Management Team, where she works with individuals and groups to provide support for psycho­social needs. She consults with patients to determine whether issues with housing, finances, and food are contributing to their health problems, and matches those needs with community resources that can help.

Pat has more than 15 years of experience in client needs assessment, substance abuse counseling, conflict resolution, and organizational leadership. She conducts social work assessments and refers clients to the appropriate agency for assistance.

Prior to joining THT’s Care Management Team, she worked as an employment specialist for Catholic Charities, where she helped clients assess their skills and obtain employment. She has also worked as a parent educator, kinship care specialist and case manager.

Pat has been honored for her role as Political Action Chair of the NAACP Trenton Chapter with the President’s Award for excellent leadership and community involvement, as well as an earlier Outstanding Service Award. Pat holds a BA in History and Psychology and a MSW from Rutgers University.

“The adult clients I encounter on a daily basis are the homeless, drug and alcohol addicted, and the underserved members of the city,” Pat says. “My ultimate goal is to empower them to navigate the system on their own.”

609-­256-­4555 ext. #112

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