Jessica Hourruitiner, 

Program Coordinator

Jessica Hourruitiner joined Trenton Health Team in June 2021.

Prior to joining THT, Jessica worked with LALDEF, a local non-profit organization that supports the immigrant population of Mercer County.

As a Case Manager at Hedgepeth Williams Middle School of the Arts (HWMSA) as part of the All Kids Thrive Initiative through PACF, Jessica worked with Trenton Latino immigrant families – a community she understands well after moving to the United States from Cuba when she was seven years old. Her role included communicating with students’ families regarding student attendance records, policies, and events. She also provided translation services, and advocated for families both in and outside school. During the COVID-19 lockdown, Jessica expanded her role to become a Client Advocate as the community became more vulnerable to discrimination and other adversities.

In addition to her community health role, Jessica served on the NowPow Steering Committee, and volunteers with Reinas y Diamantes, as well as a other community organizations. She recognizes the need for social, psychological and health care support in Trenton, and is excited to join THT and promote social change in the city via community health work, case management and client advocacy.

Jessica, a Trenton Central High School graduate, earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Florida National University.

Her community work has allowed her personal and professional journeys to come full circle.


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