Bradd M. Jackson, 

Director of Communications

Bradd M. Jackson is a native Trentonian, graduating with a degree in African American Studies from the University of Cincinnati. For over two decades, Bradd has provided leadership, creative direction, and structure to social service and non-profit organizations serving underrepresented communities throughout the tri-state.

Serving over fifteen years as a multimedia consultant in the entertainment industry, Bradd developed an expertise and passion for communications, marketing, and content production. Seeking a more considerable communal impact, Bradd returned to Trenton, NJ, dedicating his gifts to improving the community as the Director of Operations for Trenton Circus Squad.

In June of 2o22, Bradd was hired as the Director of Communications for the Trenton Health Team. “This is a fantastic place to work! I truly appreciate the passion and dedication that each of my colleagues has towards serving the health and well-being of the community at large,” states Bradd.

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