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NEW Blog: Roadmap to Well-Being

New Jersey Health Initiatives is a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. NJHI is dedicated to supporting innovations and driving conversations to build healthier New Jersey communities.

Trenton Health Team is proud of NJHI support through the Upstream Action Acceleration grant, as well as the Communities Moving to Action grant. Our recent NJHI blog focused on our efforts to follow up our Community Health Needs and Assets Assessment by re-engaging residents to discuss identified health needs and develop plans to address them. Read full THT blog

“The Trenton Health Team (THT), in collaboration with our community partners, completed a comprehensive, data-informed Community Health Needs and Assets Assessment (CHNAA) in which Trenton residents played key roles identifying and articulating the city’s health priorities.

The next, crucial step is re-engaging residents to discuss identified needs and develop plans to address them in a Community Health Improvement Plan CHIP).

Our Community Advisory Board members are actively engaged in this work, establishing stakeholder groups and inviting new partners to the discussion. Trenton stakeholders are addressing priorities including maternal health, complete streets, healthy food access, diabetes care, adverse childhood experiences and trauma, and healthy housing.

The stakeholder groups meet regularly to identify action items and coordinate efforts to achieve goals. Their input, combined with information gathered from residents, will help ensure the CHIP reflects input from a full range of community members…”



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