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“GrantWatch” covers HCQI’s Medicaid 2.0 Blueprint

In the blog Health Affairs “GrantWatch,” two authors from The Nicholson Foundation describe the New Jersey Health Care Quality Institute’s newly-released Medicaid 2.0 Blueprint.  The Blueprint, released March 2017, provides recommendations for modernizing the Medicaid program in New Jersey.  These suggestions, derived from collaborations among an array of diverse stakeholders from across the state, would propose a fundamental transformation through improvements in program quality and cost reduction strategies.

The Health Affairs article suggests that this blueprint for transforming Medicaid with a “bottom-up” approach can be viable for states whose governments do not initiate changing Medicaid service delivery, but have foundations that could step in.  The Nicholson Foundation concludes with the commitment that they plan to continue advancing Medicaid modernization work, alongside the Health Care Quality Institute, their other partners, and administration, both current and future.

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