NowPow is an online tool that helps caregivers do a better job meeting client needs.

With NowPow, users can:

Partner with reliable, trustworthy organizations providing a variety of services to Trenton residents. NowPow easily fits into  workflow and routines.

Follow-up from referrals. Users know the results of referrals made, including whether the organization contacted the client, if the client completed their appointments, or why the connection was unsuccessful.

Assist residents by providing them with an “eRx,” or a tailored list of groups that provide fresh food, transportation, financial assistance, legal services, medical/dental/vision care and more. This list can be sent via text or e-mail and is translatable into many languages.

Connect with the Trenton agencies ready to help our residents so our whole community benefits.

Ponga NowPow a trabajar para sus clientes hablando con THT Directora de Salud de la Población Jessica Burnett.

NowPow Clients Share Their Experience

The kids at Circus Squad, a Trenton non-profit that teaches circus arts, can defy gravity on the trapeze. But they can’t always take care of more down-to-earth issues such as health care and housing. When help is needed, Executive Director Tom von Oehsen turns to NowPow. Read more »

NowPow, recently acquired by Únase a nosotros, enables users to log-in to an updated  community resource directory and referral platform .

Integrating NowPow with  our Bolsa de Información de Salud de Trenton (Trenton HIE) allows all members of a patient’s care team access to the full picture of what is needed, and what referrals have been made.

Los usuarios también se benefician de sesiones gratuitas de desarrollo de habilidades organizadas por el personal de la THT. Lea nuestro nuevo blog sobre NowPow.

Boletines informativos Spotlight

Obtenga más información sobre nuestros usuarios de NowPow y los servicios que prestan en nuestros boletines informativos Spotlight.  Para más información, por favor comuníquese con Jessica Burnett

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Hear from NowPow users how the online tool helps them do a better job meeting client needs.

When the kids at Circus Squad  face challenges, Executive Director Tom von Oehsen turns to NowPow.

Read more »


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NowPow users may consult a password-protected library featuring video tutorials and reference materials. For access, please reach out to Jessica Burnett.