Elena Cromeyer, Project Director, Transforming Communities Initiative

Born in San Salvador, El Salvador to a Salvadoran father and Mexican mother, Elena was raised in Latin America and the United States. Her multilingual and multicultural background has enabled her to pursue studies and work in the United States, Latin America and Europe. Her professional and life experiences led her to pursue a career in public health, working in the non-profit, for-profit, academic and governmental sectors. Elena joined Trenton Health Team in June 2016 as Project Director of the Transforming Communities Initiative—a five-year Trinity Health program being implemented in six communities across the country. It is designed to address policy, systems, and environmental issues that affect health at the population level, including promoting breastfeeding enhancement policies, nutrition and physical fitness among school-aged children and youth, Tobacco 21 and Complete Streets. She also oversees a new Robert W. Johnson Foundation mobile health clinic demonstration project, which brings primary care to underserved residents of Trenton. Short-term goals include obtaining health data for individuals with conditions that might otherwise remain undiagnosed; connecting individuals to primary or specialty care, as needed; delivering basic health education for many whose literacy levels are low or who may struggle with linguistic and cultural barriers. Over time, we can begin to address the disparities that exist within the community regarding health literacy and conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and hypertension and other health needs.

Prior to joining THT, she worked for nearly a decade on issues related to chronic disease, gender-based violence, health policy and maternal health, specifically focusing on urban minority health and health disparities. In her previous roles, Elena directed Harlem Health Advocacy Partners, a community health worker demonstration project and the flagship program of the newly instituted New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Center for Health Equity, to address health disparities among residents of public housing. Concurrently, she directed a joint Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and Columbia University College of Dental Medicine pilot project to reduce early childhood caries among the Head Start population in Northern Manhattan.

Elena earned her Bachelor of Arts, with a double major in Letters and Spanish, from the University of Oklahoma and a Master of Public Health in international community health from New York University. Elena is bilingual in English and Spanish and speaks Italian fluently. In her spare time, Elena enjoys doing yoga, meditating, going to the gym and is an avid long distance runner, having competed in the New York City Marathon in 2013 and several other races. She grew up playing a variety of sports, including varsity tennis, swimming and track and field. She enjoys reading, in particular Scandinavian crime fiction and historical non-fiction, film, spending time with her two cats, traveling, cooking and the occasional pub quiz.

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