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Covid in Our Community

COVID-19 in Our Community

The table below reflects common questions about COVID-19 and provides resources for finding answers. While state and county health information is readily available, assessing the impact of COVID-19 on Trenton–or any specific community–remains challenging due to the lack of timely reported local data. View the latest update chart at »

In determining the best source for each question, THT considered three criteria: Is data for Trenton and Mercer County available? How well does each source document where they get the data for the measure? How well does each source clearly document their methodology for calculating the measure? THT then selected the source best addressing all three criteria to provide the most reliable answer.

QuestionTarget OutcomeBest Source: Mercer CountyBest Source: Trenton
What is the recent trend of new COVID-19 cases?Declining or stable 7-day rolling 7-day average trends for Mercer County, benchmarked side-by-side against New Jersey [1]Mercer County COVID Dashboard: daily counts of new infections, but no 7-day average or graphical display
How rapidly is the virus spreading?Rate of Transmission (Rt) < 1.0 COVID Act Now: Can also be benchmarked against New Jersey resultsNot available
7-day average of new cases per 100K people < 10 (ideally, < 1)COVID Act Now: Can also be benchmarked against New Jersey resultsNot available
Is testing adequate?% of tests positive over last 7 days < 3%NJ COVID-19 Dashboard: Daily Percent Positivity Reported by All Laboratories; only Central Jersey 6-county region data availableNot available
What is the recent trend of hospitalizations?Declining or stable trendNJ COVID-19 Dashboard, Hospital Census tabtab; only Central Jersey six county region data availableNot available
Do we have enough ICU capacity in the event of a surge?% ICU utilizationCOVID Act Now: Can also be benchmarked against New Jersey results [2]Not available
Key: ✅ = Fully available, = Partially available, ❌ = Not available at this time
[1] Data listed for Trenton on the is actually for the Trenton-Princeton Metropolitan Statistical Area, which is actually Mercer County
[2] Note from Covid Act Now site: “County data is currently in beta. Because counties don’t report hospitalizations, our forecasts may not be as accurate.”