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New Jersey: The Trenton Health Team (THT)- a partnership between the city and Capital Health, St. Francis Medical Center, and Henry J. Austin Health Center– reduced 30-day readmissions by 6.8% at four county hospitals from 2011 to mid-2012 by improving coordination, double-checking on medications during patient discharge, and training staff to better recognize when a patient needs to go to an ED (Duffy, Trenton Times, 2/4).

About the Trenton Health Team
Trenton Health Team (THT) is an alliance of the city’s major providers of healthcare services including Capital Health, St. Francis Medical Center, Henry J. Austin Health Center and the city’s Health Department. In collaboration with residents and the city’s active social services network, THT is developing an integrated healthcare delivery system to transform the city’s fragmented primary care system and restore health to the city. THT aims to make Trenton the healthiest city in the state. Support for the Trenton Health Team was provided in part by a grant from The Nicholson Foundation. For more information, visit